The extremely high technical requirement involves particularly the aero-thermo-mechanical behaviour of engine components, since the thermodynamic cycle is characterized by relatively high operating temperatures, very low component pressure ratios and efficiencies, and high rotational speed of the core-assembly. In this context, the role played by NEXA perfluoelastomers components performance is significant and indicate the dominance of frictional forces on inertial ones.


Selected perfluoroelastomers grades make up all the supplies intended for OEM or second level and after-market of the automotive sector. NEXA’s R&D and Quality departments are constantly working on new products, with the help of modern technologies for the digital control of parts in order to guarantee supplies with “0 defects”.


The chemical industry is the industry that, in many cases, drives world economies, and that has forcefully entered all production areas. There is no product that is not associated – directly or indirectly – with the sector of chemical transformations, which today are increasingly oriented towards productions with low environmental impact. NEXA’s range includes both products whose applications are directly linked to the reduction of harmful emissions, as well as products for the storage and containment of aggressive chemical products.


NEXA offers top grade perfluoroelastomers products for food and beverage applications, in compliance with FDA standards and only after very strict tests on incoming raw materials and in progress production processes. Special perfluoroelastomers grades can be compounded according to our customer’s requirements.


NEXA produces special and standard perfluoroelastomers parts for pharmaceutical applications from compounds derived from the Drug Master File. The tailored service offers the unique opportunity for our customers to have a custom formulation matching exactly their expectations in terms of quality and costs. We’re offering the following guaranties to our customers: FDA materials registered with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Materials registered with Drug Master File ISO Certification


The exponential growth of the electronics sector, and the concentrated production on special global markets, have contributed to the specialization of the components used and to the optimization of production processes. Therefore, quality and production capacity are decisive factors when it comes to supplying leading companies operating in this sector, which is especially competitive and demanding. In addition to regular production processes, after-processing phases follow which are suited to provide the product with mechanical characteristics specific to the application for which it is intended.


NEXA can supply perfluoroelastomer sealing solutions to the nuclear power industry either in commercial or nuclear grade as like-for-like replacements for your existing seals. The special grades developed by NEXA combine the sealing performance, heat resistance and recovery characteristics of an elastomer with a chemical resistance similar to that of PTFE.


Due to its strategic importance on global markets, this is the sector that influences the trends, development and synergies of strong and not so strong economies. Offshore platforms and extraction wells, with all that follows in terms of transportation and storage systems, require components with very high quality and totally reliable. NEXA offers a wide range of products and materials specifically designed and tested for these applications.

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Thursday, 15 Apr 2021



Tailor made technical and service solution
The technical knowledge and expertise at NEXA allows to develop close relationship with its customers, offering necessary support and valued consultancy.
More than 10 years’ experience in the perfluoroelastomer field are at NEXA customers’ disposal, even for projects involving small quantities but requiring special compounds developed for focused applications.

Performance with high temperature
NEXA Perfluoroelastomer products can resist temperatures up to 334 degrees C whilst at the same time maintaining their elasticity. They are widely recommended for use in water, steam and other wet applications. Tests performed after steam exposure for 168h @ 300 degrees C + dry-out 4h 120 degrees C, showed excellent steam resistance far higher than Triazine cured materials. The compression sets (test method in hot air) of NEXA compounds are considered the best values available for extreme applications, the bench mark for Perfluoroelastomer products.

Chemical Resistance
NEXA Perfluoroelastomer products have a wide spectrum of chemical resistance, withstanding aggression from numerous types of solvents, chemicals, plasmas and having a consistent low swell %.

Long Life
Thanks to their unique properties, NEXA seals present very low values of brittle deterioration and swelling, this being the key indication of premature failure in all types of seals static or dynamic. Due to this behaviour, NEXA products can ensure long life whilst at the same time reducing maintenance costs and risks of failure. The Seal performances have been enhanced so much, that in comparison to sealing elements lasting only 45 hours, NEXA products have continuously operated for more than 4300 hours in extreme conditions.